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K1 are specialists in multiple cloud platforms from tech giants Amazon, Telstra and AAPT. A focus partner of the  completeAWS offering, including Glacier. Ask K1 how we can drive 0.12cents/GB down to 0.012cents/GB

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Splunk that Sh*t!

Service desk need to know the last few things a client was trying to achieve before calling? Need to track, anything? How about a global threat view across all systems? Splunk1 can help. Don’t believe us?

Splunk @ k1


Need to download meteorological data directly into an AWS US region, spin up a compute farm, crunch it, email out-put then send it to Glacier? Then blow it all away (three times a day). K1 and PuppetLabs

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Need to download and save the entire internet, host every staff members complete family photo library, maybe a little bit of corporate data too? You have a data problem, we have your solution.

Data @ k1


Results that Impress

BRW, CRN and leading the field in storage, data-management, big data and data analytics
  • 2015
  • Linux/UNIX and PuppetLabs Gun signs with k1

    Hailing from Mexico, Jose comes with a wealth of Linux and python experience. Master of Puppets Jose will not stop until the world is automated, Skynet, Judgement day and rise of the machines all come to mind. Someone call Sarah Connor!

    Feburary 2015

  • 2014
  • VDI Specialist crashes through k1 doors

    Rob McQuhae not only has the craziest last name, he brings the madest VDI skills. Designing and implementing many Citrix and VMware based solutions, Rob designs and eats his own VDI breakfast. If you’re laggy VDI environment is getting you down, send in some Mcquhae pain relief.

    November 2014

  • K1 places in Deloitte fast50

    Katana1 lands an impressive and hard fought place in the Deloitte fast50. Gaining position #18 in the Deloitte fast50 is excellent news at Katana1, Deloitte is one of k1′s dearest clients with 2 exDeloitte employees residing at K1

    October 2014

  • Brazilian Splunk Ninja starts at k1

    Joining k1 from one of the biggest Splunk deployments in Australia, Alessandro Dantas brings years of experience in a multi-terabyte per day Splunk instance. Alessandro also has a wealth of experience in many complementary technologies including automation and orchestration.

    October 2014

  • Tenchu Splunk Ninja Assasin moves in

    Shaun Butler, Splunk, Infrastructure, PuppetLabs and AWS expert joins the K1 team. Shaun is another heavy contributor to Splunk, having written multiple apps and also contributing to the splunk communities. Shaun has hit the ground running, working on the K1 and Datalicious joint venture, OptimaHub

    May 2014

  • Top Splunk Resource Joins K1

    Luke Harris, Splunk and PuppetLabs expert joins the K1 team. Luke is a heavy contributor to both Splunk and PuppetLabs communities, building some of the top Splunk apps available today.

    January 2014

  • Mike Duncan parachutes into the k1 ranks

    Ex military, part-time medic, fire-fighter, Company Director, mad cyclist, holder of 5x different classes of motor vehicle licence, Certified SCUBA diver and IT Architect, climbed the Himalaya’s. Mike has also been held hostage by Maoist Insurgents, they are all dead.

    March 2014

  • 2013
  • CRN Fast50

    David Tsang and Ross Ogilvie attended CRN Fast50 awards in Sydney, taking out 2nd place! Nick Russell gets freaky in Deli on Distribution Central Mania trip. K1 hits top 10 for distributor

    December 2013

  • BRW Fast100

    Nick Russell and Ross Ogilvie attend BRW Fast 100 event in Melbourne. Katana1 finished #46

    May 2013

  • 2012
  • K1 finishes FY2012 on top

    K1 finishes out the FY with 4 staff and revenue outstanding growth of 23,852%

    June 2012

  • K1 courts Global French bank

    February 2012 kicks off with an order from a large French bank.

    February 2012

  • Global telco signs on with K1

    A large global telecommunications company sign up with K1. K1 provides 1PB + storage design, including automation and always on technologies

    January 2012

  • 2011
  • K1 win’s first $1million deal

    Katana1 is in business, landing the first $million + order, securing growth and sustainability

    November 2011

  • K1 signs 6 month Residency

    K1 wins staff residency services engagement with large property company

    October 2011

  • K1 wins staff augmentation

    K1 wins its first staff augmentation gig with top 4 finance firm

    11, June 2011

  • Katana1 is born

    Working out of Mosman Mansions (Nick’s house), Katana1 founders sail the k1 boat out into the vast reseller ocean

    20, April 2011

Experts Only Please

We specialise in data and automation. Eat them both for breakfast, everyday. It doesn't matter if its in a cloud, a private data center or your mums basement. We can crunch, migrate and protect it. Its what we do.

K1 jumps to #32 @ BRW Fast100 2014

Katana1 have jumped 14 places from position 46 in 2013 to position 32 in BRW 2014 fastest growing Australian companies. Check out the list and read our previous article

Deloitte Tech fast50 Cracked

Katana1 destroys (some of) its competition landing position 18 in the reputable Deloitte Technology fast50. Download the super duper PDF from Deloitte

K1 blasts in at #2 - CRN Fast50

Katana1 finish a close 2nd in the CRN Fast50. Nick Russell talks their ears off, have a gander at the online article