SBS ClickStream

The following is an overview of the ClickStream App for Splunk. Built and deployed for customers by Katana1. The following dashboards are an overview of all ClickStream dashboards. Data has been gathered utilising the Katana1 website –




Audience Detail



Audience Geo-Location

Dashboard showing a global map with visitors from locations around the world. All locations can be drilled into allowing further investigation. Shown in the next screenshots.



 Geo-Location by State


Geo-Location by Post Code

This dashboard shows the super rad choropleth graph.


Convert those Customers!!

Find out what is working and what isn’t working. Where are your visitors going? How did they even get there? Twitter? LinkedIn? Google?


Site Path

Where did my visitors start and where did they go! Check out the roadmap / flight-path / ribbon graph.


User Agents

Bug in the latest version of FF? Check out how much of your audience might be affected and drop a proactive alert to users visiting that platform only. Rad!



Check out where visitors are moving around your website. Check it out in real-time! How fast do they scroll, how much time and what is the most expensive real estate on your website?