Contain this, container that

K1 reckon you should be able to deploy whatever you want whereever you want, within reason. Maybe not your corporate built timesheet system from 1992 built using access. Let’s automate as much as possible so you can deploy/migrate it for fun or if you get angry with you current service provider.

AWS @ k1

Splunk that Shizzle!

Service desk need to know the last few things a client was trying to achieve before calling? Want to know what your wind farm is doing? Need to track lungs flying on an air ambulance? Global threat view across impending rise of machines? K1 has the maddest Splunk skills in the business.

Splunk @ k1


Need to download meteorological data directly into an AWS US region, spin up a compute farm, crunch it, email out-put then send it to Glacier? Then blow it all away (three times a day). K1s will automate the shizzle out of your workflow. Let’s make it self-aware!

Puppet @ k1


Need to download and save the entire internet, host every staff members complete family photo library, maybe a little bit of corporate data too? Need to move it from on-prem to Cloud, back? You have a data problem, come to K1 data rehab.

Data @ k1

Mad Skillz

We have hectic skills in data, analytics and automation. Eat them all for breakfast, every day, with hashbrowns. It doesn't matter if it is in a Cloud, private data centre or your mum's basement. We can crunch, automate, migrate and protect it. It's what we do, AND WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

K1 (would have) jumped to #11 @ BRW FastSomething  2016

But Nick Russell didn’t put our entry in. Super Dupr. Check out our old and heaps less impressive ranking from 2014. Actually, don’t worry about it.

Deloitte Tech fast50 AGAIN

Katana1 destroys (some of) its competition landing position 32 in the reputable Deloitte Technology fast50 for 2016. Download the super duper PDF from Deloitte

K1 gets all CRN in at #7 - CRN Fast50

K1 is back in action with CRN after small hiatus. Ross is outside smoking a ciggy when award is presented, Steve K has to re-run entire annoucement. Looks like we might be back on the banned list…

The K-Team

Katana1 - IT mercenaries for hire.

Katana1, Know your data

Katana1 (K1) are about Data. Data, what value can you get from Data and everything that revolves around Data.

Mining, Security, Analytics, Storing, Replicating, DR, and Compute. Doesn’t matter where it resides, onsite, Cloud, hybrid – we have the know-how, certifications and most importantly – the best people and experience.

Frequent appearances in BRW, Deloitte Fast50 and CRN have recognised both Katana1 and our clients successes since opening the K1 doors in 2011.

#18 Deloitte Technology Fast50 2014
#32 BRW FastStarters 2014
#46 BRW FastStarters 2013
#2 CRN Fast50 2013

Since 2011, Katana1 has grown from its 2 founding members, Nick Russell and Ross Ogilvie, to a fighting force of over 22 employees (Katana’s) with expansion into QLD and VIC  in 2017. Starting out in data storage, K1 quickly transformed into one of Australia’s top Data Analytics partners, with a strong focus on Automation, Security and Managed Services. K1 continues to deploy and manage some of the largest Data Storage instances in Australia.

Katana1’s high touch engagement model builds trusted partnerships with clients and technology partners. These trusted partnerships increase the value K1 provides as our recommendations and solutions are based on a deep understanding of client business requirements and unique technology environments. This deep business understanding increases the value or solutions K1 provide, delivering tangible outcomes and measurable business values.

Our Mission.

  • Quality, competency and trust in K1 in all aspects of staff and business
  • Fix first, sell later. Let’s get those tools you’ve already purchased working
  • Love all, trust a few, do no wrong

Consultants of Fortune

More than 5 years ago a crack IT consulting unit was let go by an IT company for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped a maximum-security Mosman Mansion deep into the Sydney underground.

Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as consultants of fortune. If you have an IT problem. If no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire.